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Case Law Todd Leventhal specializes in...

1Criminal Defense Lawyer in Las Vegas

In any criminal accusation, once the charge is filed against you, it indicates that the prosecutor believes they have enough evidence to convict you in court. The first action that must take place is a full review and analysis of all evidence, police reports, witness statements and lab reports. There are an astonishing number of criminal cases in which the evidence against the client is flawed, procedural errors took place or law enforcement violated the rights of the individual with regard to search and seizure or probable cause. After a review of the situation you face in your criminal case, we will determine what strategy should be employed in our defense of your case. Identifying the errors can lead to a full dismissal of charges if serious procedural errors have occurred..

2Domestic and Family Violence

Domestic Violence is considered a public epidemic that affects families of different ethnic origins, classes, and races. Assault family violence can be a pattern of coercive or assaultive behaviors which include threats, intimidation, deprivation, stalking, social isolation, sexual assault, psychological abuse, and physical injury. It is important that you know what constitutes domestic violence. It is NOT due to heredity, sickness, anger or stress, drug or alcohol abuse, and the victim’s behavior. In the US, this is one of the major problems faced by society. This violence is quite significant both to the witnesses and the direct victims. It also encompasses elder abuse and child abuse..

3Assault and Violent Crimes

In Nevada, a violent crime conviction can keep you from certain jobs and prevent you from holding licenses, including the license to carry a gun. If you have been charged with a violent crime, the best approach is to work with a Las Vegas Defense Lawyer who has extensive experience representing people in your same situation. This is not something that every defense attorney has. Assault is a crime that involves the use of violence, threat of violence and/or physical force and coercion. There are numerous types of assault related crimes.

4Drug Possession

The United States government and local authorities put a lot of energy and effort into going after those they suspect of using or distributing illegal drugs. Unfortunately, they don't always follow the rules. The government does carry out illegal stops and conducts unjustified searches in their eagerness to find evidence against someone. If that person is you, you want the best criminal defense lawyer you can get to handle your case. Prosecutors and judges are tough on drug crimes. Even first time offenders with relatively small charges can face serious consequences, loss of freedom, and a damaged reputation which makes finding rental housing and employment very difficult. Don't let this happen to you.

5Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorneys

As personal injury attorneys in Leventhal & Associates, we are able to provide exceptional legal services. We work primarily on auto accident cases and are a full-service personal injury firm that will take your case to trial if necessary. Insurance companies know that there is bite behind our bark and that we will continue to fight your case through a jury verdict! Your entire case will be discussed with an attorney face to face. Your level of involvement will be up to you. We will take ownership of your case as if it was our own and free you from the headache associated with the consequences of personal injury claims. We have thorough experience with personal injury and auto accident cases and are committed to providing you with the highest level of legal services.

6Federal Defense - Extremely Experienced

When the federal government files criminal charges against you, your entire future is on the line. You cannot afford to hire an attorney who is inexperienced or has little experience in handling federal criminal charges. The FBI, DEA or CIA may have conducted the investigation that has led to your charges. The United States Attorney's Office will prosecute your case. Fight your federal crime allegations with the assistance of a highly respected and experienced attorney. Todd M. Leventhal has qualifications you need and provides the zealous legal representation you deserve. The firm's resources are extensive and you will experience firsthand personal service and aggressive representation through every step of the federal criminal court process.

7Civil Law

Civil law encompasses all types of legal matters surrounding business transactions, real estate, wills, trusts and asset protection. If you are dealing with any type of civil matter, it will be vitally important to consult with a Las Vegas civil lawyer at our firm to learn about your rights and options when dealing with these types of situations.

8White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes can generally be regarded as criminal activity involving money or property. They are commonly referred to as white color crimes based on the identity of the offender who is someone that occupies a white collar job position, and therefore the offense in turn involves money or property associated with that position.

9Family Law

The following are some of the core areas of our practice: • Divorce: Our attorneys are prepared to guide clients through all types of divorce cases, from those that involve only custody issues to those requiring division of substantial assets, and from those that can be resolved amicably to those that require extensive litigation. • Child custody and modifications: Disputes over child custody issues can have major consequences for parents and their children. Our attorneys expertly handle these cases and are experienced at helping courts define the best interests of the children. • Relocation with a child: Whether you want to move out of state with your child or you need help objecting to a relocation request, we will work to protect your parental rights. Relocation cases are delicate, emotional matters, as one parent will essentially be unable to have weekly contact. When the stakes are this high, experience matters most. • Paternity cases: Our attorneys are experienced at assisting unmarried parents with the establishment of parental rights and the establishment and modification of child custody and support decrees. • Child support: Nevada's child support guidelines are particularly complex, because while defined in the statutes, they are applied differently based upon how custody is divided between parents. Our child support lawyers can help you pursue a fair and equitable child support determination. • Alimony and spousal support: In Nevada, alimony is awarded on a case-by-case basis and is governed by complex applications of statutes and case law. Our firm can help you pursue alimony or seek to limit your spousal support obligations. • Asset division and property settlements: Our attorneys have the experience to address all issues affecting the distribution of community property and debts in divorce. We have experience dealing with business and property valuations and defining which assets are separate versus community property. • Business and large marital estate division: Our firm frequently handles business valuations, complex estate planning and other issues affecting large marital estates. • Prenuptial agreements: Our attorneys help clients protect themselves through the drafting or negotiation of premarital, cohabitation and domestic partnership agreements. These agreements define what happens at divorce or death and are essential components of estate planning.

10Driving Under the Influence
It is unfortunate that many individuals who are charged with drunk driving are good people just like you who are being falsely accused or who just made an honest mistake. People of all types are charged with DUI – teachers, doctors, moms and dads, and even other lawyers. Because of the potential damage that can be caused while driving under the influence, the law in Nevada has become tough on drinking and driving.

However, as the laws are becoming more and more harsh, it is not illegal to drive a vehicle after drinking alcohol in Nevada. Arrests are issued based on how much alcohol is consumed and how impaired that person appears to be to the police officers. As soon as you are arrested, the clock starts ticking on securing your ability to continue driving and to avoid possible jail time. Whether or not the police officer who made the arrest did his job correctly can often determine a conviction, and that’s where the help of an attorney is crucial.

11Record Clearing and Expungement

very day Nevadans are arrested by mistake only later to have the charges dropped, found not guilty or dismissed. Each of these events are permanently placed on your criminal record and are made public for the world to see. Even minor offenses like public intoxication and disorderly conduct can be viewed by potential employers or landlords. However, under current Nevada laws many of these offenses can be removed.